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  • Click to view our full range of delicious Oatcakes and Oaties.
  • Wooleys of Arran, bakers for the island and home of the famous Arran Oatcakes and Oaties.
  • 'Goatfell' - the view from the beach at Brodick.
  • Freshly baked on the Isle of Arran, Arran Oatcakes cooling down. Click to buy our original large size Arran Oatcakes.
  • Freshly baked bread, from our bakery on Arran.
  • Pop into our shop in Brodick to choose from our selection of freshly baked cakes.
  • Freshly baked daily in our bakery in Brodick, on the Isle of Arran.


Wooleys of Arran
Bakers for the Island

Wooleys has been in business baking on the Isle of Arran since the middle of the nineteenth century. Present owner Lindsay Keir has been running the bakery since the 1980s.

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wooleys oatcakes cooling down after being baked

Arran Oatcakes
Traditional Oven baked

At the Bakery in Brodick, we freshly prepare a wide range of products available daily in our waterfront shop.

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